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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dress Code Policy  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Players will have to wear track pants or cricket pants. Jeans/shorts/khakis will not be permitted.
  • Sleeveless shirts (banyans, wife-beaters, etc) will not be permitted.
  • Umpires also need to adhere to the NO-Shorts and NO-Sleevless Shirts policy
    but can wear jeans or pants.
  • No player or umpire should be wearing slippers, sandals, or open footwear.

Note: Any infractions on the dress code items listed above will result in a
$25 fine per offending player/umpire. This penalty fine will need to be
paid prior to the following weekend by the offending team(s) in order to
avoid game forfeits.



WMCL 2014 Fall SetUp & PickUp Schdule - Centreville Field

Day Date Setup Team Pick Up Team
Week 1 Sat 4-Apr GCC Baadshahs
Sun 5-Apr Blitzkrieg Patriots
Week 2 Sat 11-Apr Warriors Cricket Ninjas
Sun 12-Apr Kings Falcons
Week 3 Sat 18-Apr Dark Knights DC Chargers
Sun 19-Apr Mighty Indians Baadshahs
Week 4 Sat 25-Apr Falcons Ceylon CC
Sun 26-Apr Eagles IMF
Week 5 Sat 2-May Patriots Hawks
Sun 3-May Baadshahs Mighty Indians
Week 6 Sat 9-May Thundershocks Shahenshahs
Sun 10-May Bravehearts Robinson Rickshaws
Week 7 Sat 16-May DC Chargers Warrangers
Sun 17-May Stallions GCC
Week 8 Sat 30-May Cricket Ninjas Royal Challangers
Sun 31-May Ironmen Ceylon CC
Week 9 Sat 6-Jun Patriots 11 Ducks
Sun 7-Jun Baadshahs KRCC
Week 10 Sat 13-Jun Black Mambas Mighty Indians
Cones (Outer & Inner), Stumps, Bails are kept in Storage box.
Setup team will pick the field equipment from Storage box and setup the field.
Pickup team will remove the field equipment from the field and store in the storage box.
Last Updated on Sunday, 29 March 2015 14:30

WMCL 2015 Spring SetUp & PickUp Schdule - Herndon Field

Week Day Date Setup Team Passing Team Pick Up Team Next Collecting Team
1 Sat 4-Apr Eagles RC Giants Stallions from Giants
Sun 5-Apr Ceylon Strikers Gladiators Hawks from Gladiators
2 Sat 11-Apr Stallions SN Aryans RR from Aryans
Sun 12-Apr Hawks DCC 11 Ducks RC from 11 Ducks
3 Sat 18-Apr RR Kings BH Warrangers from BH
Sun 19-Apr RC SS Thunders KRCC from Thunders
4 Sat 25-Apr Warrangers Hawks Blitzkrieg Gladiators from BC
Sun 26-Apr KRCC Stallions SN IMF from SN
5 Sat 2-May Gladiators BH Kings SUPERNOVA from Kings
Sun 3-May IMF Thunders RC DCC from RC
6 Sat 9-May SuperNova Aryans Stallions Kings from SN
Sun 10-May DCC BlitzKrieg Hawks SS from Hawks
7 Sat 16-May Kings Falcons Ironmen AIW from Ironmen
Sun 17-May SS Ninjas Warriors Mambas from Warriors
8 Sat 30-May AIW Baadshahs Aryans Strikers from Aryans
Sun 31-May Mambas Patriots DK Giants from DK
9 Sat 6-Jun Strikers RR Falcons Ironmen from Aryans
Sun 7-Jun Giants Eagles Ninjas TBD
10 Sat 13-Jun Ironmen Warriors TBD
Sun 14-Jun
There are 2 Kit Bags One for Saturday and other for Sunday circulate every
week as per the schedule.
Each Kit Bag contains:
Outer Circle Cones: 28
Inner Circle Discs  : 25
Stumps               : 6
Bails                   : 4
Key Points
1. Week 1, Setup teams (both Sat & Sun) will pick up the kit bag from Sreedhar Sana.
2. Passing Team's responsibility to collect empty kit bag from setup team and give the
empty bag to the Pickup team captain.
3. Pickup Tam's responsibility to collect empty kit bag from passing team and pick up the
cones, discs, stumps, bails from the field then store in the kit bag and keep the kit bag
with them (Please make sure kit bag is with the players who lives close to Herndon
ground or who can be reachable easily).
4. Next week Collecting Team who is Setup team for following week game's,
responsibility to collect kit bag from previous week Pickup team.
5. If a game ends early before the next team arrives to the ground then please leave
the empty kit bag on the pitch (batting crease) and inform league (by sending picture etc.)
And the above process continues until week 10.
If any equipment or kit bag missing, then responsible team will be
fined from $40 to $150 depending on what equipment is missing from
the kit bag and it should be paid before next week end.
Last Updated on Sunday, 29 March 2015 14:23

Deadline to Submit Score Sheets

Saturday & Sunday Games: Immediate first Tuesday COB

Note: Please enter the Score Sheet and Save it, then inform opponents and ask them to confirm

before submitting

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 April 2015 12:03

Spring 2015 - Div I Special Awards


Spring 2015 Div-I Awards
Pool A Winners ???: Points: ?? NRR: ??
Pool B Winners ???: Points: ???, NRR: ???
Best Batsman (If tie, Avg is considered) ??? (???): Total Runs: ???, Avg: ???
Best Bowler  (if wickets tie, RPW and then Econ is considered) ??? (???): Wickets: ???, RPW: ???, Econ: ???
MoM (Finals) For ??? from ??? runs and ?-?-?-? from ???
Highest Team Total (Incl. Playoffs) ???: ???/??? vs ???
Best Bowling Performance by Team (Incl. Playoffs) ???: Bowled out ??? for ???
Best All-Rounder (Avg of Batting and Bowling rank) ??? (???):
??? total runs and ??? wickets in ??? matches
Most wickets in an innings (If wickets tie, Econ is considered) (Incl. Playoffs) ??? (???):
??? wickets against ??? (?-?-?-?)
Highest Individual Score ??? (???) - ??? runs vs ???
(Incl. Playoffs and if tie less #of games played considered)
Highest # of 50+ scores (if tie less #of games played considered)
??? (???) - ??? scores of 50+ runs from ??? games
Most Economical Bowler (Min 15 overs) ??? (???): Econ: ??? rpo
Most # of Sixes in Season  (if tie less #of games played considered) ??? (???) - ??? sixes
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 April 2015 15:52

Footwear Policy

Friendly reminder to all teams & players as the WMCL season is about to start:

Please adhere to the WMCL policy with regards to footwear on all our cricket fields.

Players are allowed to wear only wear rubber-soled cricket shoes or regular sneakers on WMCL pitches. No one should be wearing metal cleats, or football/soccer cleats. We have spent several thousand dollars on the astroturf and have noticed that such cleats are causing damage to the mat.

Going forward, umpires will be looking out for players wearing cleats and will have the authority to not allow them to get on the mat wearing these shoes. Please pass the information to your bowlers/batsmen so that they can take corrective measures ahead of time.


Last Updated on Monday, 27 February 2012 23:20


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Champion: Stallions

Runners-Up: Herndon Hawks 

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