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Flash News

Spring 2014 Tournament

Congratulations SUPERNOVA and GCC


2014 Spring Div I & Div II Champions




WMCL 2014 Fall Season - Important Information

All Teams,

As the start of the WMCL Spring 2014 Fall season draws closer, we wanted all
teams to review the checklist and dates of action items to start focusing on.
Please pay close attention to the items mentioned below as some of the
deadlines will be upon us very soon. Its best to start preparing ahead of
time on these administrative items.

1. Roster Management on Website:

o   Adding / Modifying players

o   Player Profile Pictures: [Thursday, 07/24 deadline for upload]

o   New Player Waiver Forms: please have new players complete these
forms and email them to us
[Thursday, 07/24 deadline for submission]

  • Please note that you need to submit Player waiver forms signed by
    individuals and their Face shot photos uploaded to their profiles who
    are playing in this league for the first time.
  • Players will not be allowed to play the games unless we have the waivers
    submitted to the organizers and their photos uploaded to their profile.
  • Player photos need to be uploaded or updated prior to the
    Roster Deadline. Once the rosters are locked, you will not be able to
    upload the pictures or edits to the profile.


2. Tournament Fees: [Monday, 07/21 deadline for online payment] -
Please pay via Paypal link from Website

Division I     -  $ 550.00

Division II    -  $ 550.00
New Teams  - $ 550.00 + $100.00 Deposit


3. Player Transfer


If teams want any of their players transferred from one team to another.
Please e-mail request to organizers e-mail specifically @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
and also copy the e-mail to POC's of the both
and the player. It is important that the player confirms the transfer.
This voluntary option of moving players to other teams with the consent of
player and new team ends at 9 PM on July 18th
. Any requests after that before the
roster deadline 07/24/2014 (9PM) will NEED OLD TEAM CAPTAINS APPROVAL.

No Requests will be entertained after the dealine.

4. New Teams this Season

Due to drop out of DC Kings, It is our great pleasure to announce the new team (Magnetts) to the WMCL family.

5. Relegation Process:

and Bottom 3 teams based on average Spring and Fall rank from Div I will be relegated to Div II in 2015 seasons and Top 4 teams based on average Spring and Fall rank from Div II will be promoted to Div I in 2015 season.

- WMCL Organizers

Last Updated on Friday, 18 July 2014 14:40

WMCL 2014 Fall SetUp & PickUp Schdule - Herndon Field

Week Day Date Setup Team Pick Up Team Collecting Team
Week 1 Sat  26-Jul Mambas Aryans FireBolts from Aryans
  Sun 27-Jul Patriots BiltzKrieg RR from BiltzKrieg
Week 2 Sat  2-Aug 11 Ducks Giants Shahenshahs from Giants
  Sun 3-Aug RR IMF Thunders from IMF
Week 3 Sat  9-Aug Shahenshas DCC YoungBloods from DCC
  Sun 10-Aug Thunders Stallions Dabangg from Stallions
Week 4 Sat  16-Aug YoungBloods Warrangers Patriots from Warrangers
  Sun 17-Aug Dabangg KRCC Mambas from Knight Riders
Week 5 Sat  23-Aug Patriots SN KRCC from SN
  Sun 24-Aug Black Mambas Hawks Warrangers from Hawks
Week 6 Sat  6-Sep Knight Riders Strikers SUPERNOVA from Strikers
  Sun 7-Sep Warrangers YoungBloods Hawks from YoungBloods
Week 7 Sat 13-Sep SN Thunders IT from Thunders
  Sun 14-Sep Hawks Vanguards RR from Vanguards
Week 8 Sat 20-Sep IT Gladiators Baadshahs from Gladiators
  Sun 21-Sep RR Ceylon AIW from Ceylon
Week 9 Sat 27-Sep Baadshahs Magnetts DK from Magnetts
  Sun 28-Sep AIW Hawks Keep with Hawks
Week 10 Sat 4-Oct DK AIW Keep with AIW
Week 10 Sat 5-Oct      
Last Updated on Friday, 18 July 2014 13:50

WMCL 2014 Fall SetUp & PickUp Schdule - Centreville Field

Week Day Date Setup Team Pick Up Team
Week 1 Sat  26-Jul Strikers MT
  Sun 27-Jul YoungBloods RC
Week 2 Sat  2-Aug Vanguards MICC
  Sun 3-Aug SN Patriots
Week 3 Sat  9-Aug Ceylon Warrangers
  Sun 10-Aug Gladiators KRCC
Week 4 Sat  16-Aug Thunders Stallions
  Sun 17-Aug MICC BM
Week 5 Sat  23-Aug IMF 11 Ducks
  Sun 24-Aug Giants GCC
Week 6 Sat  6-Sep DCC Shahenshahs
  Sun 7-Sep Stallions SN
Week 7 Sat 13-Sep GCC RR
  Sun 14-Sep 11 Ducks IT
Week 8 Sat 20-Sep Vanguards AIW
  Sun 21-Sep Magnetts DK
Week 9 Sat 27-Sep RC DCY
  Sun 28-Sep MT Dabangg
Week 10 Sat 4-Oct RR IT
  Sat 5-Oct    
Last Updated on Friday, 18 July 2014 14:12

Spring 2014 - Div I Special Awards

Spring 2014 Division-I Award Winners
Pool A Winners DC Chargers: Points: 28 NRR: 1.28
Pool B Winners Baadshahs: Points: 22, NRR: 1.14
Best Batsman Rakesh Raghu (Aryans): Total Runs: 240, Avg: 40.00
Best Bowler Venkata Jagnathan (Blitzkrieg): Wickets: 17, RPW: 3.35, Econ: 2.34
Highest Team Total (Incl. Playoffs) Hawks: 153/7 vs DC Kings
Best All-Rounder Rahul Darne (Black Mambas): 
160 total runs and 12 wickets in 7 matches
Most wickets in an innings Venkata Jagnathan (Blitzkrieg): 
6 wickets against Hawks (4-1-5-6)
Highest Individual Score
(Incl. Playoffs)
Rakesh Raghu (Aryans) - 84 runs vs DC Kings
Highest # of 50+ scores (if tie less #of games played considered)
Rakesh Raghu (Aryans) - 3 scores of 50+ runs from 6 games
Most Economical Bowler (Min 15 overs) Venkata Jagnathan (Blitzkrieg): Econ: 2.34 rpo
Most # of Sixes in Season Kalyan Gottumukula (DC Chargers) - 7 sixes
Zeeshan Huque (Baadshahs) - 7 sixes
Last Updated on Sunday, 13 July 2014 02:39

Spring 2014 - Div II Special Awards

Spring 2013 Division-II Award Winners
Pool Y Winners Firebolts: Points: 28, NRR: 1.46
Pool Z Winners GCC: Points: 20, NRR: 0.35
Best Batsman Mohammedi M (Indian Tigers): Total Runs: 171 , Avg: 28.50
Best Bowler Guruminder Singh (KRCC):
Wickets: 17, RPW: 5.94, Econ: 3.96
Highest Team Total (Inc Playoffs) Firebolts: 144/8 vs Strikers
Best All-Rounder Guruminder Singh (KRCC)
130 total runs and 17 wickets in 7 matches
Most wickets in an innings Vijay Saradhi (11 Ducks - former FireBolts): 
5 wickets against Metro Tigers (4-0-7-5)
Highest Individual Score
(Inc Playoffs)
Kunal Parikh (KRCC): Score - 89 against Strikers
Highest # of 50+ scores (if Tie less #of games played considered)
Guruminder Singh (KRCC): 1 scores of 50+ runs from 7 games
Most Economical Bowler (min 15 overs) Prudhvir Alapatti (GCC): Econ: 3.11 rpo
Most # of Sixes in Season
Menaka Perera (Ceylon CC): 10 sixes in the season
Last Updated on Friday, 18 July 2014 12:28

Footwear Policy

Friendly reminder to all teams & players as the WMCL season is about to start:

Please adhere to the WMCL policy with regards to footwear on all our cricket fields.

Players are allowed to wear only wear rubber-soled cricket shoes or regular sneakers on WMCL pitches. No one should be wearing metal cleats, or football/soccer cleats. We have spent several thousand dollars on the astroturf and have noticed that such cleats are causing damage to the mat.

Going forward, umpires will be looking out for players wearing cleats and will have the authority to not allow them to get on the mat wearing these shoes. Please pass the information to your bowlers/batsmen so that they can take corrective measures ahead of time.


Last Updated on Monday, 27 February 2012 23:20


Latest News!

Spring 2014 Tournament

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Runners-Up: Herndon Hawks

Div II

Champion: GCC

Runners-Up: Knight Riders

Super8 2014 Tournament

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Champion: Herndon Hawks

Runners-Up: Stallions

Fall 2014 Tournament


Div I

Champion: TBD

Runners-Up: TBD

Div II

Champion: TBD

Runners-Up: TBD

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